by The Poor Devils

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Release by Puke Music, Berlin

Recorded: IG Rockstudio
Mixed: IG Rockstudio
Mastered: Agitators Records, Moscow

Cover: Anastasia Kähm & TPD

All songs by The Poor Devils © 2014


released June 27, 2014



all rights reserved


The Poor Devils Würzburg, Germany

Fucked up noise since 2011.

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Track Name: Destroy the Chains
Deep inside you there is duress
Rules you can’t eliminate
Your mind says: “Expect the crap”
Fuck off compulsion

Destroy all the Chains and be yourself
Fuck off compulsion
Because it's your life
Which are grown since your birth

Destroy all the chains
The chains which are grown since you birth

Where is it written what’s wrong and what’s right?
How dare you, you’re the one to decide?
I don’t care about all authorities
Fuck off compulsion

Rules by the state which restrict your freedom
It comes to the compulsion that you must change now
Your mind says: “Conform the norm”
Fuck off compulsion

Refuse the group pressure
Just be yourself and remain yourself true
Do what you want, say what you want
Be what your want because it’s your life
Track Name: Never Surrender
Branded as nothing and no one
They say to you, you’re a failure
Never give up, never give in
and prove them wrong

Never Surrender
You must give more, give everything
Never Surrender
You are someone, bare your teeth
Never Surrender
Believe in yourself and in your strength
Never give in

If you fail, try again
Always keep your way of life
Don't lose heart and fight
Only who dares wins

Bare your teeth and fight
Track Name: No Shame
I’m sometimes an angel and often a devil
I’m on and off human, but I’m always me
I don't want to hear how you want me
I don't change myself, I’m always me

I don't change myself for anybody
I don't change myself for anyone
I know my strengths and I know my flaws
So take me as I really am
No Shame

I don't care what you are saying about me
I don't give a fuck what people think of me
All I know is that my friends stand by me
And this is the only thing that counts for me

No Shame
Track Name: Tower of Strength
I live my life as I want, create my own world
In my intention there are no limits
Fuck bondage, I smash your barriers
I will do everything to reach my goals

You just try to lead me astray
You always try to lead me astray
You can try to lead me astray
But I stand here as the tower of strength

I'm sick of hearing your wailing
Have you ever done something what you liked?
Nobody needs you and your rules
I'm acting while you're just talking

You can try to lead me astray
But I stand here as the tower of strength

I stand here as the tower of strength
Track Name: What the Hell
There are moments when you should just fuck off

Sometimes I see red and lose my mind
I freak out, become an animal
I destroy everything which crosses my path
What the hell is going on

Anger, hate and total rage
Sweat runs over my fucking face
I get lost and don't recognize myself
What the hell is wrong with me?

A human time tomb which can every time explode

What the hell is wrong with me?
Track Name: I've had enough
You ripped out my heart
and then you kicked it
On top of that it followed another hit
Today I can say, that you're just a bitch
You like a person that I've never known

I’ve had enough
Go away
I hope it's just a dream
Fuck off and fool yourself
You're dead to me

I’ve had enough

I stupid me have always trusted you
A big mistake, I was blinded by love
I was for you just a toy to trash
How can you look in the mirror without puke

You were my luck
My everything
Now I know that you’re just shit
You were my love
My soul mate
Today I realize life just sucks
Track Name: Turn it back
Do you remember the time when we were young?
We had no big worries, we just had fun
After school was out, we drank a beer
We hng out till the sun set down

These were the times I will never forget
These were the times I wish me back
We were young. We were free
The best time that shaped me

We were a unit, we were a crew
do you remember? Yes we do
Let's turn the time back, to meet our desire
do you want it too? Yes we do
Let's turn it back

Rules were there for breaking 'em
We felt like the strongest and the best
Limits were there for crossing 'em
We were just unstoppable

Now we became older and we don’t see us every day
But if we’re together it’s all just the same
We tell us old stories, share memories
It's all like in the past, nothing changes

This are the times I will never forget
This are times which shaping my life
We're still young. We're still free
The best times that will never end

We are a unit, we are a crew
do you agree? Yes we do
Let’s stop the time, to enjoy our desire
do you think so too? Yes we do

We stick together. Now and foreve
We are a unit for life
Track Name: Get in line
Draw a number and get in line
Shut your mouth and get in line

When I hear your voice my brain explodes
What the hell have I done?
Ongoing you want something from me
But my time is limited so get in line
I can't stop the time. I'm no healer
I can't also cut myself in two parts
If you want something from me
draw a number and get in line

I do this and that, but where is my own life?
I'm no waste disposal for you
Keep your problems by yourself
Don’t bepain in my neck and leave me alone

The line gets long, long and longer
I'm not your arselicker anymore
Search for a new Idiot, my time is over now
I have enough to do with my own Life

I can't stop the time cause I'm no healer
I also can't cut me in two parts
If you want something from me
draw a number, shut your mouth
and get the fuck in line
Track Name: Fall and Remain
I have the desire to break you down
I have the feeling your time is up
You messed with the wrong, I won't forget
I feel the urge for revenge

You always make me hope just to put me off
Another promise to keep me satisfied
A new excuse to save time
You always choose the easiest way

It's just a lie
It was just a lie
It's just a lie you’re telling me all time
but you will fall and I will remain

I was blind and foolish
I didn't want to see the whole truth
I didn't realize you misused my trust
All things you said were fairytales

Now I read your face
I disclose your lies
You dig your own grave
Revenge is mine

Your fate is sealed, it's your demise
You will fall and I will remain
Track Name: Outlaw Crew
We feel proud when you call us antisocial
We feel vindicated when you say that we’re just scum
We enjoy our time, because we have nothing to lose
Watch out here comes the outlaw crew

Here comes the unique outlaw crew
Here comes the notorious outlaw crew
Oi! Oi! Oi!

We’re counting the days till Friday
But then we are turn every night into day
We’re half a human and half a beer
Beware we are the outlaw crew
Track Name: F.Y.I.D.
Please help me I need your help
The bar closes in 10 Minutes
You smell like sweat and fucking beer
You are just a poor devil
Fuck you I'm drunk

Fuck you I'm drunk
I’ only drink to bear my life
And all I want is to have some fun
One more beer and I still have thirst
If you don't like it you better fuck off

Please snatch up for your tomorrow’s job
You owe me cash about 100 €
Now go home further I call the police
You are just a Poor Devil
Fuck you I'm drunk

A day without beer is a hazard to the health
Track Name: No Room for the Youth
No room for the youth
No space left for the kids
No room for the youth
No space left for the kids

There is no future in sight
More and more places have closed
A prison which means life
They have no chance to break away

Frustration is spreading
The youth of today has no space
Anger arises
The youth of today is on the street

No room to meet their friends
No room to backtrack
No room to escape
No room for the youth
So alone

Stand together
And take your city back
Fight together
The kids will have their say